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My story

I graduated with a BA Hons degree in Music and Theatre.


And while at university started a music group named the Joy Singers. This group toured care homes and sang the old songs and got everyone (who was able to) up for a dance.

One of the matrons at a care home recognised my talent for working with the elderly and offered me a job as a Nurse.

During this 5-year period I experienced the many facets of nursing, the dedication, teamwork, the emotional ups and downs of being responsible for another person’s wellbeing as well as dealing with family members and the emotional journey they experience too.


This experience prepared me many years later when I decided to focus on yoga teaching as a career.


I was able to combine my yoga with experience of nursing to create the Slow Yoga system of teaching the elderly. This not only stimulates them, but also motivates the elderly back into enjoying what will ultimately be the last part of their life.

When you see first-hand what is happening to us mentally and physically as we age, it really brings home the message that life is a journey, every day is a gift and we must value our time wisely all the time we are here, because it is not forever.


So, I decided to change my life and started my business named “Slow Yoga” in July 2017.

For me though, I knew that I had to capitalise on my knowledge and experience gained from nursing the elderly to offer a wellbeing service to the care industry using Yoga, a discipline that everyone understands is good for your mind and body. Even when you are 106 years old like my eldest student!


I really enjoy my work and thank God, so far, it has been immensely popular with the care homes in the south of England near where I live. I have now recruited and trained 35 more teachers.

In addition to the elderly we can also teach people with disabilities, this lady here for example cannot walk and spends her life in a wheelchair. So, once a week I liberate her from this situation and treat her with ‘Manipulations’ which I studied in Japan with the Japanese actor and dancer named ‘Min Tanaka’

Some of our teachers are also qualified to teach people with Autism and learning difficulties.

therapy rotated

We now have 35 teachers working with us at Slow Yoga

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All the teachers share the same philosophy about life and wellbeing too, which has made the evolution of our business mission that much easier.

We all work together as one big family; I feel so blessed that all these lovely people are coming with me on the “Slow Yoga journey”

In August 2020 we have decided to prepare my Slow Yoga business for franchising and will be rolling it out in February 2021.

Hopefully by then this terrible Covid pandemic situation shall be behind us.

Franchising my business in England will hopefully give me more time to explore a new venture named “The Tree of Life” and from October 2020 I am looking to transfer to Umbria, Italy and establish a holistic wellbeing centre for the community there.

I am not a rich foreigner looking to buy a ‘holiday home’ and to visit a few times a year and lock myself away from the local community in a castle on top of a mountain.

I plan to open a wellbeing centre that integrates with local people, young and old, local businesses too. A ‘centre’ right in the ‘centre’ of Italy; Umbria. A centre that helps to stimulate the local culture and economy. And of course, I hope there will be some foreigners who want to join us and share this experience.

I think this interaction will be incredibly good for them and Italian people also.

 Looking back, it is sometimes hard to comprehend the way that my Slow Yoga mission to bring health and happiness to the elderly has been so well received and is giving me even more energy and enthusiasm to share with the people of Italy, a country where I fell in love when I first visited in 2013. Not with only with a woman, but the energy of Italy, the climate, food, and the Italian people too, who are very bright, open, and friendly: Just like me!

I feel very stable, aligned, and balanced here and for a yoga teacher that is the most important root in the “Tree of Life” that I want to plant here and watch the branches grow, the leaves flourish and re-energise the surrounding environment.

I thank you for your time reading this, your understanding and hope that you too can ‘align’ with me on this journey.

Bernard Deane-Armstrong Umbria – Summer 2020